Your Career

Making a career transition is hard and can be stressful. Together, we will create a strategy, your narrative and the momentum necessary to land a career that moves you toward your goals. Grounded in your values and informed by your experience, we’ll leverage your skills to create opportunity for you and value for your employer.

Here is some of what we’ll do together:

  • Skills positioning
  • Strategic narrative development
  • Building your tools-resume and LinkedIn
  • Networking strategies that get results
  • Interviewing techniques that go beyond roles and responsibilities
  • Compensation negotiations
  • First 90-days planning
  • Ongoing executive coaching

What does a career transition engagement look like?

You’ll work directly with me, not an associate. As every relationship is unique, together we will figure out your priorities and create a set of expectations.

We’ll have 90-minute weekly or bi-weekly meetings, either in person or virtually. In our first meeting, we’ll set the expectations for our engagement.

Within 24 hours of each meeting, you’ll get a complete set of notes from the session with my thoughts, recommendations and next steps. These become the basis for our next meeting.

In between meetings, you’ll have an assignment that prompts you to think deeply about your value and skills. These assignments create the momentum that keeps your career goals at the forefront of your thinking.

How long does career transition work usually take?

Typically, we’ll work on a monthly basis for 1-2 months to develop your core positioning/narrative development, build the tools you’ll need and create a networking and interviewing strategy that gets results.

As you move into the active networking, interviewing and compensation negotiation phases, we’ll shift to an hourly basis to maintain accountability, assess progress and reset strategy in real time. Once you’ve accepted a position, we’ll develop your plan for your first 90-days.

Who do you work with?

I’ve worked with people in just about every sector, from attorneys to finance to healthcare to documentary filmmakers to designers to nonprofit executives, through every stage of their career.

Many clients are currently employed and looking to move to a different company or transition to a new career path. For others who have been laid off or downsized, we use this in-between time as an opportunity to reset and explore new career options.

Still others have had a fulfilling first career and want to find their “Career 2.0”.

Whatever your circumstance, I can help you move from where you are now to what’s next.

What if I’m happy in my job, but facing a challenge with a boss or colleague?

Call me! We’ll set up time to identify the challenge, create an actionable plan and overcome the obstacles. There is more information on the Executive Coaching page.

What We’ll Do

The Long Version…

Getting Unstuck


Defining Where You Are Now
Looking back to move forward. We will guide you through a landscape scan – where you’ve been and where you are now.

Determining Where You Want To Go
We will help you define your Personal Mission, Values, and Goals and help you articulate what you want your life to “look like”.

Setting Goals For Getting There
We will coach you through a determination of who needs what you offer. Together, we will create benchmarks and a promise of personal accountability to your goals.


Defining Your Value
We will uncover your most valuable and translatable skills.

Positioning Your Skills
Together, we will define metrics around your skills, and make them relevant for employers.

Mining Your Network
We provide guidance in “connecting the dots” between your personal and professional lives, helping you to understand how to use your network effectively and efficiently.

Navigating the Course


Elevator Speech
We will lead you through the steps to craft your passionate 30-second narrative that creates an action – a follow-up conversation, an interview, or a referral.

Guidance to help you develop a resume that ‘gets read’.

Cover Letters
Cover letters that aren’t boring and include ‘aha’ moments for prospective employers.

LinkedIn Profile
Create a compelling LinkedIn profile that connects you with the right network, employers and recruiters.


Crafting Your Story
Through role-play exercises, we will help you curate and seamlessly articulate your skills, goals, and ambitions in social and business conversations.

Your Interview Presence
First impressions. Body language. Eye contact. The 50 – 50 rule. Interviewing the interviewer. We’ll do it all.

Presentation Skills/Public Speaking
Training to deliver killer presentations. In a “real-world” setting, we will hone your verbal and non-verbal communication skills and presentation delivery.


Critical listening
We will teach you the techniques for listening to uncover the true culture of your new workplace.

Managing Expectations
We will provide guidance in defining your expectations of yourself, your staff, and your boss. In other words, we will provide the support to help you manage up, down, and sideways.

Setting A Realistic Strategy
We’ll identify what’s really being asked of you, uncovering the priorities of your supervisors and setting a course for success.

Communicating With Peers
We will take a critical look at your office landscape and develop a working plan to create the most productive collaborations.

Marti's advice and wisdom were a great kick in the pants.

Marti devised a brilliant strategy to get a job offer for my perfect position.

Marti is an approachable career coach who demystifies the job search.

Marti coaches you on doing the hard work that gets you to the path. You gain clarity in the process.

In my interview everything we’ve been doing came together in a sharp point.