Discovered on a walk the other day:

Jewish pastry, made in Harlem, by an African American  What are the chances?

There are discoveries to be made and possibilities to be realized when we go exploring.

Some thoughts emerged, strangely in alphabetical order:

Assume Nothing
Be Considerate
Celebrate the Unexpected
Delight in Discovery
Explore Differences
Forget Stereotypes
Get Outside
Have Fun
Ignore the ‘Debbie Downers’
Jump into Debate
Know Your Values
Love (or at least like) Yourself
Make a Difference
Never Stop Asking ‘Why?’
Observe Your Surroundings
Present Your Best Self
Quietly Reflect
Remain Open Minded
Sample all the Desserts
Try Something New
Ugly Things Happen, They Don’t Define Us
Values Direct Behavior
Write in a Notebook Everyday
X Factors Guide Decisions
Yarns are Boring – Stories are Exciting
Zigzag is more fun than straight lines

(By the way, the rugelach is amazing)


Enjoy Your Exploring This Holiday Season!