Everyone is talking about Happiness these days: economists, psychologists, branding experts and management consultants.

Happy people are in!

Science has finally caught up with our suspicions and proven that happy people are more productive, curious and engaged.

Neuroscientists tells us that endorphins are released and the problem solving/critical thinking areas in our brains are lighting up when we are happy. What we ‘know’ is that we feel better and more confident.

The OLD Happy

Sometimes we focus on a singular IF/THEN event to verify happiness.

‘If I lose five pounds, then I will be happy’, or ‘If I get promoted, then I will be happy’

Event happiness is short-term. It lasts only a few days or even moments. When the joy wears off we necessarily begin looking for the next ‘event’.

Sustained happiness comes from a different way of thinking and happens when we make a conscious decision to be happy every day.


The NEW Happy

We work an average of 47 hours/week, yet only 13% of us are happy and engaged in our jobs. Not heartening statistics, but there is hope. (Gallup-Engaged Workplace)

Dr. Martin Seligman’s 2012 book FLOURISH, lays out a plan for creating and preserving daily happiness.

He offers PERMA as an easy-to-follow, five-part plan. I have added practical questions following each part to help put his advice into practice.

P  (Positive Emotion)

Feeling peace, gratitude, satisfaction, hope, curiosity, love
Ask: What am I curious about? Who can help me?

E  (Engagement)

Losing yourself in a task
Ask: When was the last time that happened?
What am I interested in pursuing? Who can help me?

R  (Relationships)

Actively cultivating meaningful relationships
Ask: Who are the people I admire? How can I spend more time with them?

M  (Meaning)

Finding higher purpose in the work we are doing
Ask: Which part(s) of my work benefit(s) humanity?

A  (Accomplishment)

Celebrating small wins. Striving to become better.
Ask: What personal or professional development opportunity can I explore? Who can help me?


The Power of One Word

Rather than ‘What do I have to do to be productive today?’

Consider  ‘What do I have to do to be happy today?’

Use the 5 pillars to figure out your answer. If you are happy first, productivity will follow.

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July!
Until next month…


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