2-minute read and a worksheet


Fred’s your ambition.

He lives in your gut
and your brain,

He knows what worked last year
and what you shouldn’t do again.

Fred is sly and he’s stealthy,
waiting patient and quiet,

‘Til the New Year approaches,
then he starts quite a riot.




He’ll prod and he’ll poke,
making sure that you’re clear,

That there are goals to be set
and strived for this year.



He’s obsessed with the calendar,
Jan. 1 is his day.

He’ll keep reminding
and yelling ‘til you’re
well on your way.

You can’t ignore Fred.
He’ll never give up his power,

He’s with you all day
and invades your dreams on the hour.



To get Fred under control
find a well-lit, quiet space

what you want to do next
and what puts a smile
on your face. *




Imagine what you’ll proclaim
twelve short months from this minute.

Make your decisions and take action,
it’s time to dive in it.

Form a plan, tell your friends,
’cause you want to succeed.

Then pull off your plan
with each word and each deed.

Be strong and committed
say “NO WAY” to your doubt

‘Cause your year will be better
with goals than without.

Start thinking and writing,
forge ahead with no fear,


This will keep Fred happy ‘til same time next year.  


* And if a blank sheet of paper
strikes fear in your heart,
Here’s a link for a worksheet to help you to start: Goals Worksheet