“This book is a must-read for anyone navigating the Internship process. It’s full of practical tips and put together in an easy-to-navigate format.”

– Gina LaRussa/SVP, Human Resources NBCUniversal

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Moving from student to employee can be a scary transition. Make Your Internship Count takes you step-by-step, from the initial decision pursuing an internship through pitching a full-time job, to make your leap into the working world easier and less stressful.

Make Your Internship Count gives you a competitive advantage because it tells you what employers expect and how to meet those expectations. With input from Human Resource pros, business executives and interns who are now employees, Make Your Internship Count gives you exactly what you need to find your path and launch and embrace your career.

Make Your Internship Count’s easy-to-read format offers prompts, exercises, worksheets and “This Really Happened” stories that will help you:

    • Find internship opportunities that fit your skills and interests
    • Set and deliver on an internship goal
    • Interview with style
    • Make a great first impression
    • Navigate remote and hybrid internships
    • Speak comfortably about compensation
    • Communicate effectively with peers and bosses
    • Accept criticism and feedback the right way
    • Create a memorable last impression
    • Build a lasting professional network
    • …and much more!

And, with the tips and advice in this book, you’ll be a valuable addition to any company and launch your career!

Buy this book if you’re a

    • Student considering an internship
    • A current intern
    • HR professional running an internship program, or a
    • Parent who wants to see your child step confidently into the working world

About the Author

Marti Fischer is a New York City-based executive coach, blogger, and speaker specializing in taking the ‘scary’ out of career transitions and transforming managers into leaders. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, is certified in basic mediation, and has two children who were successful interns and are now fully employed.

What People Are Saying

“Your book is fabulous — my daughter loved the happy hour scenario — she would be the one at the bar.  I just bought another copy for my future step-daughter.”

– Joyce M

“As a full-time MBA student about to start her internship this summer, Marti’s advice was timely and actionable. I especially take to heart her tips about how to leverage the internship into a full-time role.”

– Laura, MBA student

“This book is the equalizer. It levels the playing field for those without the insider’s advantage.”

– Alison Overseth, CEO, Partnership for Afterschool Education

“Marti is awesome! She helped me get into the professional world. I would have been a lot more confused without her.”

– Charlie Bohnsack, rising college senior

“Our son graduated college with dual degrees and a minor in his chosen field. He just didn’t know how to make a job in his field happen. As parents, we recognize that entering the work world today vastly differs from our experience. Finding a job and embarking on a desired career that aligns with your values and strengths is a skill that isn’t taught at college. Marti’s in-the-know expertise, support and effective engagement brought him from a motivated yet unsure college grad to an independent, launched young man thriving in an industry of his choice.”

 – Nancy Gany, parent

“Every successful startup CEO I know had an early internship experience that helped set them on the path to leadership.  Marti’s book details how to set yourself on that path.”

– Brad Treat, Instructor, Entrepreneurship, SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University

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