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Ideas for Advancing Your Career and Managing Others

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“I subscribe and always learn something each time”

“Thanks as always for your smart and refreshing perspective!”

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Love your To-Do list!

(3-minute read)

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, most of us feel like there’s too much to do and too little time.

Every day we’re confronted with a long list of To-Do’s that expands because […]

Recommit to Networking

(3-minute read)

Before most of us began to work remotely and depend on Zoom calls and virtual conferences to stay productive, finding the time to network was hard. If you’ve nudged networking aside because you’re “sick […]

Leverage What You Know

(2-minute read)

These are the first days of our new reality. Over the last 12 weeks, many organizations have had to re-envision how they operate.

Vodka companies’ retooled factories and are making hand sanitizer.

Clothing companies are keeping […]

If I Only Had The Time….

(2-minutes to read, lots you can do)

Although working from home limits your in-person interactions, it doesn’t mean that your presentation skills should suffer. Looking ahead, once this nightmare ends, the importance of presenting your case, […]

How We Decide What We Do

(2-minute read)

With the notable exception of the Coronavirus outbreak, of stories leading the news I’ve been following the college admission scandal with an equal amount of fascination and disgust.  For me it’s been like “rubber-necking”; […]

Promotable Presence

(2-minute read, plus questions)

Manager: “I know you’re hoping for a promotion, but it’s not going to happen this year.”

Employee: “I’m disappointed, especially since I’m delivering on my projects. Going forward, it would help […]

What Guides Us

2-minute read and an activity

This is not a topic I planned to write about, but things changed as I followed the disturbing reports of parents buying their kids into top colleges.

I wondered if at birth, […]

Filling in the Gaps

2-minute read and an article

When you set a new career goal for yourself, consciously or unconscionably, you’re declaring an intention to do something new and aspirational. It’s the voice of “Fred” –your ambition from the […]


2-minute read and a worksheet


Fred’s your ambition.

He lives in your gut
and your brain,

He knows what worked last year
and what you shouldn’t do again.

Fred is sly and […]

Get Promoted Part 1

Read Time: 2 Minutes

If you’re thinking you’re ready for a promotion, the timing couldn’t be better. Unemployment remains low and companies are looking optimistically toward a new year of increased productivity and earnings.

Of course, companies […]

The Empathy Effect

Read Time: 4 Minutes, plus an activity

Lately I’ve been in lots of meetings and one subject keeps coming up – conflict. As long as we humans continue to get together in groups of two or more […]

Promises, Promises

Read Time: 3 Minutes and a free download

It seems like only moments ago we were raising our glasses to a new year – and, with enthusiasm and conviction, declaring our goals for 2018. Now it’s […]

Conquering Anxiety

Ever been here?

“It is my distinct pleasure to introduce a person who has worked tirelessly on this project…”

(Your heart is racing)

“Our speaker today has tons of great ideas and a lot of experience […]

New Cheese

(Read Time: 2 Minutes, not including the book)

Go to your bookcase, look way up on the top shelf and take down your copy that skinny little book you have about CHEESE. Yup… CHEESE.

Decades before bloggers […]

I Wish I Had Done That…

Read Time: 2-minutes, plus activity.

First, I buy cheesecloth.

Why? Because when I cook Thanksgiving, it’s the ONE thing I always need that’s almost impossible to find on Thanksgiving day.

Buying cheesecloth got me thinking about planning for […]

Happiness is HOT!

Everyone is talking about Happiness these days: economists, psychologists, branding experts and management consultants.

Happy people are in!

Science has finally caught up with our suspicions and proven that happy people are more productive, curious and engaged.

Neuroscientists tells us […]

Difficult Conversations

A 2-part collaboration with  Michael J. Fox Foundation


Difficult conversations are hard.

Because the subject matter is difficult and the outcome is uncertain, the tendency is to approach and avoid difficult subjects in equal measure.

In 2015, it […]

My Millennial Mentor

(Read Time: 1 1/2 minutes unless you are answering the questions at the bottom)

For two years I have been looking for a mentor, a person to challenge my thinking and broaden my perspective. At […]


(Read Time: 1 minute, and you’ll need a notebook)


The first weeks of January are full of optimism. We come into the year fresh with resolve and ideas about how to make […]

My AHA Moment

Read Time: 1 minute story

It rained hard one night last week. That evening, I was scheduled to make a presentation at a client board meeting.  Between the rain and holiday traffic I was late. I arrived […]


(Read Time: 3.5 Minutes)

The unprecedented success of Hamilton is the wonder child born from the unlikely marriage of Hip Hop and History.

But the influence of Lin Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster musical is bigger than

11 Tony Awards
8 Million $ Rockefeller […]

I Have a Secret

(5 Suggestions for Making Difficult Conversations at Work Easier)
Read Time: 1 minute 15 seconds
Writing Time: Various
Practice Time: 10 Minutes
Learning a secret […]

Thank You

I would like to thank Joe, my doorman, for introducing us – indirectly.

On December 31, 2013, Joe wished me  a ‘fearless’ year.

Although there are 1,025,109.8 words in the English language, last year I focused […]

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