(and action plans too)

(2 minute of reading – and a free book download)

Uber, Yelp, Amazon. Living in a 24/7 interconnected and opinion driven world can be, quite frankly, exhausting. We feed on the immediacy of third party verification, free shipping and free returns. In this environment it can be difficult to form lasting relationships.

Here are five activities to nudge the pendulum from technology-based relationships back toward personal interaction.


1) Be Thoughtful

Topline: Relationships are a two-way street

Dig deeper: At your next meeting, think about what you can give, not what you might gain.

What can you tell your audience about yourself or your work that elicits a second meeting?

Go slowly. Relationships are built over time.

Action plan: Think about your first response to a party invitation

1)   What am I going to wear? OR

2)   Will I know anyone?

The next time you get an invitation, consider what you want to say.

(Don’t worry -you’ll look great).


2) Get Personal

Topline: Relationships thrive on acknowledgement

Dig deeper: News flash-your smartphone also makes calls. In a text and email driven world, we can forget the power of a personal call. Your tone of voice and enthusiasm on a call reinforces how highly you value a relationship.

Action plan: Make a call to acknowledge one person this week. They will be thrilled and you’ll feel great.


3) Do Something Unexpected

Topline: Relationships need attention

Dig deeper: Listen to the conversation, absorb what the speaker is saying, repeat the relevant points and make connections to others or larger issues.

Action plan: Leave your phone and the Pavlovian need to respond to ping, ding, and ring behind – for one day (and then another and maybe another). Did your critical listening skills improve over time?


4) Deliver on Your Promises

Topline: Relationships seek Zappos

Dig deeper: Zappos walks the talk in customer relationship building. They are transparent and clear about what they promise and do their best to deliver. If they are not able to deliver on the promise, they own it.

Action plan: Download the Zappos Culture Book and see what lessons you can apply

Zappos Culture Book


5) Say Thank You

Topline: Relationships love ‘the love’.

Last word: Early and often